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Sheep Milk Cheeses

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Our flock of East Friesian dairy sheep produces milk from April to September.  From their creamy, rich milk we create several varieties of soft ripened/bloomy rind cheeses, blue cheeses, feta, cheese spreads, and ricotta.

Sheep or ewe's milk has been a key source of protein for humans since early civilization in the Fertile Crescent.  Although sheep's milk is only recently growing in popularity in the United States, it has been used to produce some of the most famous cheeses in the world for centuries:  Manchego in Spain, Pecorino Romano in Italy, and Roquefort in France.  This milk and the dairy products that it produces are easily digested and have high mineral and vitamins contents.

In this episode of Good Farms, Good Food, Good People, chef Ian Knauer visits Locust Hollow Sheep Farm to gather ingredients for his Smashed Feta Toasts with Green Beans Vinaigrette.
Farmer: Julia Inslee
Farm: Locust Hollow Sheep Farm - Coatesville, PA
Chef: Ian Knauer
Writers/Director - Christy & AJ Campli
Additional Cinematography - Matt Bergh

In the Cheese Kitchen

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