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Philosophy & Practices

Animal wellfare

We respect the lives and service that our animals give to us, striving to always make them comfortable and content.  All animals have access to shelter and sanitary living areas.  We follow the natural seasonal cycle of the sheep:  they breed Sept-Oct, lamb in Feb.-March, and lactate Feb-Sept. Lambs are kept with ewes for 6-8 weeks, at which point they are ready to be weaned.   When ewes are ready to retire, they are given away to live out their lives as lawn mowers. 


We continuously attempt improvements towards environmental health: planting of trees, shrubs and flowers to provide food for birds and insects, as well as shade, and soil cover; rotational grazing; collection of rain water for various uses; composting; whey & food waste fed to animals; and manure spread as soil amendment.

We will continue to try new ideas to reduce our footprint and improve the land we work with.

Diet & Health

All of our animals (ruminants and poultry) are raised outdoors with room to roam, forage and graze.  Sheep are raised on a mostly hay (conventionally grown) and grass diet, supplemented with spent grain from a local brewery and feed (both organic and conventional).  Poultry are raised on organic feed and some spent brewery grain.  Antibiotics are only used in rare cases of serious infection.  In those instances, withdrawal times are strictly adhered.


We are committed to reducing waste and the use of plastic.  Over 50% of the packaging used for our dairy products is now either biodegradable or compostable.  The majority of our bags are now made with recycled paper.  We also use returnable glass jars when possible.

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